A contemporary game of Vampires, using the FATE System.

For more than two centuries, Prince Isabella has ruled the Caerd of London, one of the Nine Caerds into which the Western Isles is divided and each of which is ruled by it’s own Prince. From Hyde Palace beneath the park that bears it’s name, this, the Western Isle’s longest ruling Prince faces her biggest challenge.
Under The Veil, the ruling protocols of Vampire society, politics fester in slow and centuries long machinations. Beyond the Veil, there are those who have rejected the old ways and fight to retain their independence. For decades now, these rebels, or Separatists (also referred to as The Cabal) have grown in strength, using London, with it’s size and complexity, to both hide and gather it’s forces. Despite her best efforts to avoid a civil war between Loyalists and Separatists, Prince Isabella stirs and prepares her own forces. Now all within vampire society must put aside petty politics and squabbles and be prepared to choose.


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