Calef - Naluca

Representative of the Naluca


Like the Naluca as a whole, Calef remains a largely unknown quantity. From the few words he has spoken, it’s believed that he is of Eastern European descent. The Naluca have always, but not exclusively been associated with the Nosfor bloodline. However, there is no guarantee that Calef himself is either of the direct line of Nosfor, of a branched bloodline or of a completely different bloodline altogether.
He is a small, physically unassuming and ordinary looking man, with a talent for appearing out of nowhere, or disappearing into thin air. Known for his verbal succinctness, he always manages to say just enough not to appear rude and so little that it’s often difficult to discern what has been said.
His sartorial quirkiness has often been noted, able to combine what is always a contemporary look, with his own distinct style.

Generally speaking he is pleasant, if not quiet, preferring to avoid physical contact if possible.


Calef - Naluca

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