Gergo Berényi - Eldhúg

Head of The Eldhúg


As with most of the older, more powerful vampires, Berenyi is only known among the older and more powerful vampires. However, less information than normal has filtered down through the ranks, about ‘The Hungarian’, as he’s referred to. Granted Blood Turf in 1946, by Prince Isabella, he has remained a strong supporter of hers, despite the Eldhúg’s later involvement in drugs and prostitution and the prince’s subsequent ‘distancing’ herself from him. Theirs is a strange relationship, with her tolerance of him being more than might be expected.
He is, by all accounts, a charming, loquacious man. Although latest rumours suggest that he is beginning to lose his hold on the Eldhúg.


Gergo Berényi - Eldhúg

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