Harold ('arold) Mellis

Head of the City Firm


Harold runs the East End of London. Even having influence on the various Blood Turfs that stands adjacent to his. Mellis came to prominence following the Great Fire of London in 1666, when a lot of London’s Blood Turfs were rearranged. Since then, he has ruled all of those under his authority, with a rod of iron and shrewd political play.
Harold has a lot of allies and enemies. both in equal measure, which he sees as right and ‘Propa’. Not sacred to get his hands bloody, Mellis is just as likely to do his own dirty work as his retainers.
This is an old fashioned London gangster. ‘None o’ yer old Richardsons and Krays. Wankers.’ He also has a strong sense of honour, despite rarely holding to those high standards himself.


Harold ('arold) Mellis

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