Pádraig Byrne - Soldier of the Free Irish

Soldier of the Free Irish


Pádraig is quiet and calculating, with the ability to turn on the charm when required. Nothing is more important to him than ‘the war against English oppression’. Pádraig Has works with a number of IRA cells in London and is now an integral part of the ‘Real IRA’. It is believed that he is also responsible for giving information to the Taliban in the fight against the British army in Afghanistan. More specifically, knowledge of explosives and intelligence garnered from within the Home Office. Despite his being outside of the Dachah and therefore a Separatists, he cares little for the title and even less for what he sees as the petty squabbles between the Prince and those who wish to be free of her overbearing yoke.


Pádraig Byrne - Soldier of the Free Irish

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