Slava Yermakov - Eldhúg

Berenyi's Lieutenant and Front Man


Yermakov is quiet, confident and dresses as if he has just stepped from a 1970’s men’s clothing catalog. He will speak Russian as much as he can, as he despises other languages. Saying that, he has been known to speak , French, Italian, Spanish and English.
Many believe Yermakov to be the power behind Berenyi’s throne, although this is pure speculation. No evidence has ever been presented to back this up.
He arrived in London during the 80’s, remaining relatively obscure until the early 2000’s, when he started to rise to prominence through The Eldhúg. Today, there are few that Berenyi trusts more.

Yermakov is charming in company, but with a reputation for extreme violence, usually perpetrated on his own men (he never gets his hands dirty with anyone outside of the organisation).


Slava Yermakov - Eldhúg

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