Wendy Burlington - Blood Free

Head of 'Blood Free' - English Anarchists


Wendy Burlington is of the distinguished bloodline and ardent supporters of the Dachah, the Holton-Seavers. George Holton-Seavers, Burlington’s sire, released her from her Blood Bond in 1910, following her request of such. This was seen as highly irresponsible at the time.
Burlington is a consumate politician, to whom nothing appears to stick (her leadership of London’s largest Separatists movement notwithstanding). Meticulous about the company she keeps, what she is seen to do and whom she speaks to, her well reasoned and intelligent arguments for the total dismantlement of the Dachah are always compelling. She accompanies her intelligence with wit and charm and is always a favourite at any function she attends.


Wendy Burlington - Blood Free

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