House Rules - Vampire Powers

All vampires possess 3 powers; Beguile, Glamour and Fiara(beast). Each power has a Basic Use as described below, which can be used by all vampires without further cost. In addition, a character must choose his or her affinity or affinities. That is one or two powers that best reflects the character concept. Under each power is a list of associated skills. Choosing an affinity to one of the 3 powers, gives a maximum bonus, under certain circumstances to a chosen skill within the chosen affinity of +1.

Powers and skills
Beguile – Deceit, Intimidation, leadership, Rapport, Empathy, Contacting
Glamour – Deceit, Sleight of Hand, Intimidation, Contacting
Fiara – Alertness, Athletics, Survival

Vampire Jack chooses Beguile and Fiara as his affinities. From these he takes Leadership (beguile) and Alertness (Fiara). He could also have chosen just Fiara and taken Alertness and Athletics. What is chosen defines that character in a particular way. The first vampire is someone who possess a more generalised power base. Whilst the latter as a strong association with just a single power. No single skill can be taken with more than a +1. The affinities and skills chosen must be skills that the character has already spent at least a point on and reflects a certain level of what might appear to be a ‘supernatural’ ability when using those skills. To this end, the use and manifestation of each Affinity skill must be decided upon by the player and GM. This use must be clearly defined within narrow parameters and costs a FATE point to use the skill in this way. For instance, you might decide that your stealth Affinity skill represents an ability to do a sprint action under stealth. You would spend a FATE point and make a stealth roll whilst running at full speed. Or you could say that your Rapport Affinity skill is at +1 when romancing the opposite sex at home in my comfortable apartment, where the right mood can be conjured.

The Powers Defined

This is the most common of the 3 main Blood Powers. According the ‘Old Story’, this was the first power granted to the Overseers by their ‘Old Ones’ masters when the vampires were first created. It has been estimated that between 60% and 70% of the world’s vampires have developed this power to the level of Average (+1) or more. Essentially, this power allows the vampire to manipulate and control humans.

Basic Use
This is a basic beguile that results in most humans finding the vampire charming and desirable company. A vampire can make themselves attractive to a human of the opposite (same) sex, with very little effort.

Whereas Beguile seeks to gain emotional control. Glamour is used to fool the mind. As with Beguile it is an old power, although not as wide spread.

Basic Use
Simple legerdemain that briefly catch or distract the eye are contained within Glamour’s Base Power. Such things as simple prestidigitation, throwing small noises, Sleights of hand etc.

This power accounts for certain aspects that encompasses the physical attributes of many animals and in particular predators.

Basic Use
Wild or unacquainted animals can be made to be friendly or back off. Although this is only short term.

House Rules - Vampire Powers

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