The Separatists AKA The Cabal

‘If we think, for even a second, that Separatists do not pose a continuing and growing threat to everything we have achieved, then we have allowed naivety to take hold. To arrogantly sit back and assume that we, the Dachah, have somehow created such an unassailable advantage, as to be untouchable by a fractious rabble, is undeserving of the advantages that dozens of centuries of work has attained. I therefore urge you…’

The last words of Horace Grove, before he was assassinated in 1899 as he addressed the guests at a formal dinner, given in honour of Prince Isabella. The assassin was Lucien Franks. Separatist and head of ‘Bloodtooth’.

‘For uncounted centuries, ever since the creation of the Dachah, there have been those who seek to live beyond the Veil. Whilst there have been occasions in which we in the Dachah have regretted not taking a harder line with the Separatists, for the vast majority of the time, their separate existence has worked to our advantage. Who here has not benefitted from those who do not live within the strict boundaries insisted under the Dachah Code. Scaremongering and conspiracy theorising is a pernicious habit that we must seek to avoid.’

The last words of Malcom Frear. Head of the liberal vampire movement – The Sanguineous Society. Frear was found dead from a single stab wound to the heart. His assassin was never discovered.

The question of Separatist unity, is one that has often reared it’s ugly head. Whilst they remain fractious and indulge in petty squabbles with each other they pose little threat. Occasionally, however, like a lining up of the constellations, something or someone pulls them together, sending a frisson of anxiety through the Veil.
Separating the myths and facts about the Cabal is a tricky business that few have mastered. For the most part, separatists lead a relatively peaceful existence, respecting the boundaries set by the Dachah.

Most separatists live in small groups, the membership of which tends to shift around according changing loyalties. However, there is a hard core of Separatists who seek to undermine and so bring to an end the Dachah.
Over the centuries they have had a measure of success, although they have never been able to create lasting change and so the establishment remains. Is this likely to change? Many think that it’s just a matter of time. Particularly following a century that has seen more change than even the oldest of vampires can recall.
Others would say that Separatists have never had it so good. Liberal acceptance of a lifestyle beyond the confines of the Veil, has meant that many vampires simply don’t have the appetite to rock the boat.

Without a doubt, the worldwide Separatist movement is growing. ‘Food’ is in abundance as urban centres and populations grow. Meanwhile, the Dachah maintains strict protocols on the numbers ‘Embraced’. So. No French or Russian style revolution. Just become more numerous. Become the rule, rather than the exception.

A number of Separatist factions do stand out in London. These are just a few of them.

The Eldhúg
The House of Daiyu (Black Jade)
The City Firm
The Sisters of Lilith
Blood Free
Black Sun
Free Irish

The Separatists AKA The Cabal

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