This is one of the oldest accounts of where vampires come from. Modern scholars discount the `Old Story’ as it’s known. Insisting instead that vampires are all part of the evolution of humans.

The Old Story
During the ‘Bright Time’ the Old Ones enslaved all of humankind watching and controlling them through the Overseers. The Overseers were taken from among the enslaved humans and fed the blood yof the Old Ones. This blood changed the humans, letting the Old Ones control the Overseers from beyond the confines of the earth. Some Overseers fed on human blood, weakening the hold that the Old Ones held over them. One day these Overseers rebelled, banishing their masters.
With the Old Ones gone, the humans were once again free. Ever since, the Overseers have continued to maintain vigil over a possible return of the Old Ones, although their need to feed on human blood has always remained as a way of fighting the control of their former masters.

Vampire Society
The Dachah (d-kaw)
Though many of the overseers would join the rebellion against their original masters, only four of the most powerful would come to rule the remainder.

1. Korbranis (Berlin)
2. Fintan (Somerset) Glastonbury Tor
3. Oberon (St Petersburg)
4. Nosfor (Romania) The Apuseni Mountains

These four form the centre around which all Vampire society revolves – The Dachah.
Within the Dachah are four distinct codes, each code encompassing an aspect of the Dachah and reflecting the four founders. (Though no founder is specifically linked to any individual aspect). Overall, the four codes are known as ‘The Veil’. They are:


Over the centuries, much of the Dachah has splintered to form clans and organisations. Some of these are high profile, while others remain deeply hidden. Most, however, live a fairly simple night-to-night existence within The Veil.
There are those of course that have chosen to live apart from The Veil and exist outside of The Dachah. These offer the biggest threat to both The Dachah and the rest of humanity, as, according to traditionalists, these are the most likely to be influenced by the Old Ones.

Vampire society has spread, from its beginnings in what is now Central and Eastern Europe, to a worldwide, though highly fractious society. Within this there are enemies and allies, debts owed and favours given, creating a highly complex political culture.

The Fifth Seat
The first four seats are the original strongholds of the four founders of the Dachah. The first is in Romania (The Seat of Nosfor), the second in Germany (The Seat of Korbranis), the third in Russia (The Seat of Oberon) and the fourth in England (The Seat of Fintan). Although the four seats have little practical influence anymore, they are still held as ‘High Sanctuaries’. Places where any Vampire may be protected from any harm.
Three hundred years ago a fifth seat was created in the New World. The city of Washington is the location of the seat of ‘The First Council’.

The Cabal
Ever since the creation of “The Veil Accord’ in 1756 BC there have been dissenters, vampires that saw the Veil, the corner stone of the accord, as a means to control vampire society. For the most part these dissidents have been thinly spread throughout Europe with little or no influence and affecting little change. In the last two centuries, however, what has come to be simply known as ‘The Cabal’ has become more organised than ever.
While it’s roots lie in Western Europe, it was the New World that offered it the greatest opportunities to take hold. Initially established by more conservative, European settlers, many within the vampire society of America quickly fell under the influence of the Cabal. The result of this is a highly polarised society, where in the overall scheme of things, only two factions have any real influence, the Cabal and The Bostonians.

A note on time and dates
For the most part the world is just as we know it. Set in late 20th, early 21st century. The setting, however, has little consideration for the actual timeline. The problem with setting it in a contemporary timeline is that the game naturally moves along at a quicker pace than time in the real world and we quickly find ourselves in 2014 or some other year in the near future. With games set in the far future, the events and the pace at which they unfold is purely fictitious. With a contemporary game set in a place we all know about (in this case England), it is impossible to predict what is going to happen over the next five years and so work it into the game. For this reason no actual date is given. This means that there will be references to things that happened five years ago or five days ago.
The best way to think about this is that the vampire world operates over different time periods, where decades fall into one another. Temporal considerations are over longer periods and are often out of sync with what is going on in the normal world.


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