House Rules - Blood

Starting Blood Pool - 10

Vampires are naturally strong and tough, with a Blood Pool that can be drawn upon at the beginning of any round on the character’s Initiative to heal Physical Stress and to enhance skills

Healing is using blood to affect what has happened in the past.
Skill enhancing is using blood to affect what will happen in the future.

Consequences can also be healed, but at a much higher cost. Better to spend it healing Stress.

Blood heals Stress at a rate of 1 for 1.
Minor Consequences - 2 Blood
Major Consequence - 4 Blood
Severe Consequences - 8 Blood
Extreme Consequences - 16 Blood

All Consequences can be paid for with an ongoing payment. Once the payment is reduced to the next level of consequence down. This becomes the new Consequence type.
E.g. A severe Consequence can be healed the entire 8 points. Or, it can be healed 4 points taking it down to a Major Consequence. It is also possible to pay only 2 of the 8. Reducing it to 6. However, it remains as a Severe Consequence.

Skill enhancement is at a cost of 2 Blood for 1 skill level

Recouping Blood
A Vampire naturally loses blood at a rate of 1 per week. This is a default loss that the vampire has no control over.

There are several levels of feeding on an individual, Supping, Dining and Engorging.

Supping gains 3 Blood
Dining gains 6 Blood
Engorging gains 9 Blood

Supping is the least harmful to the victim and with skill, can be done so that the victim knows little or nothing about the episode.

Dining is somewhat more intrusive, leaving the victim in no doubt that something has happened to them. Although they will not necessarily know what.

Engorging is the most dangerous to the victim, often leading to their deaths.

House Rules - Blood

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